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Common Scents canine enrichment practice is run by Lisa Edwards who has studied at Brinsbury College (Canine Care and Management) as well as completing various companion animal training programmes whilst working for the RSPCA.

Our aim is to provide top quality, and currently unique, positive experiences for the canine residents in the Arun area. We strive to increase our knowledge and stay up-to-date by continued professional development. In the past 4 years Lisa has undergone further training taking part in various enrichment webinars and visiting a canine enrichment centre run by established professionals.

In February 2020 Lisa achieved the ‘Scent Work Enrichment’ accredited diploma with Canine Principles and tutor Paul Bunker, and in April 2020 was awarded the ‘Canine Communication’ accredited diploma with Canine Principles and tutor Fiona Gemmell. Prior to setting up The Secret Dog Garden Lisa took part in ‘Enriched environments for professionals’ with Kirsty Grant from The Dog Nose.

In September 2021 Lisa completed ‘Introduction to dog language, behaviour and problem solving’ with Lisbeth Borg de Waard, which also included lectures from world renowned specialists including trainer and author Turid Rugaas, veterinary behaviourist Dr Amber Batson, trainer and nose work specialist Anne Lill Kvam, and nutritionist Jenny Golsby.

Lisa also attended (virtually) the PDTE conference 2021 with speakers and topics including: Lyubov Elupova – Sit study, why dogs sit and why do we still make them, Cristina and Aurèlien Budzinski – Case study on how can we help a dog relax and enjoy their walk in a different environment, Julia Robertson – Physical exercises for adolescent dogs, Martina Naceradska – Blood pressure in dogs, Linda Rugaas – Knowledge the power and the pain, Leticia Sanchez-Moral – Improving physical and mental health via motion, Tatyana Vishnyakova – Let the dogs out, Alexandra Horowitz – Our dogs, ourselves, Kim Brophey – Ethological contributions to ‘behaviour problems’ in dogs.

During October and November 2021 Lisa studied ‘Cavorting canines: effects of exercise on the dog’ with Dr Amber Batson, which covered physical and mental exercises, physiology and ethogram of the dog, stress factors, sleep, medical conditions, anxiety, obesity, arthrosis etc. This science-based course gave Lisa a deeper understanding of dogs physical abilities and how their bodies work, and therefore better knowledge on how to exercise to keep them fit and healthy within their natural ethogram.

Throughout December 2021 and January 2022 Lisa took part in an ‘Introductory workshop for applied zoopharmacognosy’ with Karen Webb at Let Your Animal Lead, to help improve your dog’s experience at The Secret Dog Garden.

In 2022 Lisa studied Olfactory Intelligence: A Rehabilitation Tool for Fear, Stress and Aggression with Anne Lill Kvam and hosted by Canidogs Centre. This course covered how it is possible to help dogs that suffer from stress, fear and/or aggressive behaviour, to cope better with their life, by offering them selected activities of search and mental stimulation, learning how to choose them and how to use them for each type of problem.

Most recently Lisa completed Canine Essential 101 with Sindhoor Pangal at BHARCS and plans to continue to the next level.

Other CPD accredited short courses and webinars include; ‘A pain in the neck? Links between behaviour and pain in the dog’ with Dr Amber Batson, ‘Speak Dog’ with Turid Rugass, ‘Therapeutic Scentwork for Every Dog’ with Luna’s Lake, ‘It’s okay! They’re only playing!’ with The Mutty Professor, ‘Interactive play guide’ with Craig Ogilvie, ‘Canine calmness’ with Emma Goulding Bosworth, ‘Settling through scent work for highly aroused dogs’, with Paul Bunker, ‘Canine enrichment’ with Shay Kelly, Tellington Touch’ with Toni Shelbourne, ‘Canine functional characters’ with Dr Isla Fishburn, ‘Pain and the influence on behaviour’ with Dr Amber Batson, as well as ‘Canine bonding and play’, ‘Care & Coaching of Sensory Impaired Dogs’, ‘Good guardianship’, ‘Loose lead walking’, ‘Dogs and children’, ‘Senior dog care’, and ‘Easy walks with your reactive dog’ with Sally Gutteridge at Canine Principles.

We are also extremely proud to be an Ambassadog with the Slow Dog Movement.

Certificates of insurance, qualifications, first aid, DBS and references can be provided. Lisa is not a trainer or behaviourist so does not offer advice on these topics. If you would like advice in these area’s Lisa is happy to make personal recommendations for approved practitioners.

To find out more about Lisa and her own three rescued pets you can view the video below produced by The Orphan Pet which tells the story of Ouzo, Lisa’s three-legged dog, rescued from the streets of Greece and now Rustington’s very own published author.

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