The Secret Dog Garden for Puppies

The Secret Dog Garden for puppies is safe and secure area where they can explore at their own free will and discover everyday items to investigate and learn about in their own time. From gardening gloves to oven gloves, walking sticks and brooms, hats, shoes and children’s toys, all with their own unique scent history.

They will also smell the odours of previous dogs who have visited, as well as more unusual animal scents found on various items including horse rugs and brushes, cat blankets and tunnels, as well as logs and leaves from the woods, and items found on the beach.

There are different textures underfoot to enhance the sensory experience, soft rugs, natural animal fur, foam mats, fake grass, concrete slabs and stones.

This experience is a huge benefit to your puppy’s socialisation, as it is not all about meeting new people and dogs. Exploring different sights, smells, sounds and textures, whilst feeling safe and secure in a 1-2-1 environment with the comfort of their human is really beneficial to a young dog who is discovering his or her new world.

No food is put out for puppy visits as they have enough information to take in without adding anything extra, and puppies should be taken home after their visit and allowed to sleep undisturbed and given the time to process all this new information.

The Secret Dog Garden gives your puppy the opportunity to simply be a dog, allowing them to make their own choices and explore at their own pace. For this reason, only one puppy can visit at any one time, as it is their experience for them to enjoy undistracted.

Session times and prices

Sessions for puppies are much shorter as they will tire more quickly as they are still developing both physically and mentally. This will depend on the puppy’s age with a maximum time of 30 minutes, and in return we ask for a contribution of £15.

However, if the puppy is very nervous or anxious and does not settle, giving signs they would rather leave, then there is no charge. Should this happen, we can rearrange another time and allow them a few brief visits (free of charge) to become more relaxed with the surroundings as the aim is to give them a good experience with no pressure whatsoever. 

For further details and to arrange a visit please contact Lisa to discuss your individual puppy, via telephone or email, details here: Contact us.

Alternatively, you can complete an initial booking form here: The Secret Dog Garden puppy contact form.

If for any reason you are unable to complete the online contact form please do email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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