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Common Scents – canine enrichment services

Common Scents is an innovative and unique canine enrichment service for the local dog community in the Arun area. We are proud to offer ‘something different’ with a range of services designed individually for your dog. Our passion to enrich the lives of dogs stems from continued worldwide learning with some of the most experienced and respected tutors, to help us reach our goal … making dogs happy.

What is enrichment?

The lockdowns due to COVID-19 may have given you an idea of how we affect our dog’s daily lives. During the pandemic decisions about what we could do had been made by others, from only a limited range of options. We are a nation of dog lovers, and yet we make the choices on where they go, when they eat, what they eat, who they meet, and what activities they take part in every single day.

The ethos of Common Scents is to give dog’s a choice, be it exploring The Secret Dog Garden, investigating new and interesting items with an enrichment experience in the comfort of their own home, or simply taking a walk in an environment they actually enjoy and feel safe, being given the time to stop, sniff and simply be a dog.

We all want the best for our dogs, and giving them opportunities to exhibit their natural behaviours and make their own choices in a relaxed environment, increases their optimism, confidence and general well-being.

The Secret Dog Garden

This is a small, secure, dedicated area where your dog can simply ‘be a dog’ and follow natural behaviours exploring an environment designed just for them; be it investigating items that have been carefully chosen to appeal to their senses, foraging for hidden treats, and simply experiencing different textures underfoot gives them a stimulating mental and physical workout thus enhancing their well-being. It is also your chance to sit back and relax and just enjoy being with your dog.

Home enrichment visits

If your dog is in need of some companionship whilst you are away from home our enrichment visits give your dog a brilliant boredom buster. Your dog can enjoy an enrichment experience in the comfort of their own home with various games, puzzles, naturally scented items etc. to explore at their leisure, giving them a mental work out which is just as tiring as physical activity.

Tailored dog walks

All dogs are unique and the walks provided are tailor made for your best friend. Either as individuals or in compatible pairs. Walks are planned to meet the needs of each dog. Exercise routes are varied, visiting different locations with new smells to keep those noses and brains interested and active. Environments are also considered with quieter, open spaces, for the more nervous, gentle terrains for older clients, and more vigorous off the beaten track routes for the adventurous, yet still allowing time for sniffing and calm exploration providing mental engagement as well as physical.

Be your dog’s best friend

This page is dedicated to dispelling the myths of the ‘old school’ approach to dog training, and instead enlightens you to what is actually out there that can help you and your dog have the best relationship.

The Dog Blog

The Dog Blog is updated regularly with different subjects of interest written by highly regarded dog professionals, as well as articles which feature the dogs in our care and the different experiences they have enjoyed.

Your dog’s staff

Common Scents canine enrichment services is run by Lisa Edwards who has studied at Brinsbury College (Canine Care and Management) as well as completing various companion animal training programmes whilst working for the RSPCA. Lisa is also qualified in ‘Canine Communication’ and ‘Scentwork Enrichment’, and has completed a comprehensive range of training programmes including ‘Enriched Environments for Professionals’.

Common Scents – Contact

Please get in touch to find out more. Contact Lisa Edwards on commonscentsenrichment@gmail.com to arrange your free initial consultation, or call on 07913 482056 and leave a message and Lisa will call you back.

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