Why home enrichment visits?

And how does your dog benefit?

Lisa has been running home enrichment visits for over two years now and is passionate about meeting the individual dogs needs when it comes to mental stimulation. This is a great alternative to a traditional dog walking service, especially if your dog is:

  • Fearful, reactive and does not appreciate the company of other unknown dogs
  • An older dog who prefers 1-2-1 time
  • A puppy who is still developing physically
  • Suffering from a medical condition or is recovering from surgery
  • Over aroused, highly energetic and in need of a break from constant physical exercise (a build-up of cortisol can be damaging to your dog’s health)
  • Plus, if you are only looking for a short boredom buster for your dog to enjoy whilst you are out of the house

What’s on offer:

  • After an initial free consultation Lisa can plan appropriate enrichment sessions for your individual dog
  • All dogs have their own resource bag, plus you will be provided with a ‘Dog Diary’ so you can read what your dog has done during each session
  • Lisa has trained in canine enrichment, scent work and enriched environments, as well as canine communication and can therefore provide the right activities for your dog to enjoy without causing any frustration for your dog
  • Sessions are varied and planned in advance and include activities such as ‘sounds & scents’, ‘garden sniffaris’, ‘box of treasures’, as well as food games such as ‘snuffle mats’, ‘activity mats’, ‘hollee rollers’ and ‘treat search games’
  • Half hour sessions cost £8, prices for multi dog households vary
  • One-hour sessions cost £12, again prices for multi dog households vary. One-hour sessions can include a simple loose lead sniffy walk in your local area

What are the benefits:

  • Enrichment is learning what our dogs’ physical, behavioural and instinctual needs are, and how we can meet those needs as part of their daily routine
  • Mental stimulation is as important and physical exercise
  • Simple scent games can lower a dog’s blood pressure and stress levels
  • Allowing your dog choice in what to explore, what to investigate further, encourages curiosity and therefore boosts confidence and a feeling of well-being
  • For fearful dogs, avoiding the big wide world and replacing with mental stimulation at home allows them a safe outlet to express their natural behaviours
  • Puppies benefit hugely from exploring a range of stimulating scents, textures, sounds and even random items such as walking sticks and fluorescent jackets to aid their socialisation
  • Older dogs are really important too and greatly benefit from gentle exploratory sessions planned solely for them

Remember, all dogs are unique; therefore, enrichment is not the same for every dog.

Client feedback:

‘Common Scents is amazing. I struggled leaving our Chihuahuas to work all day. Having Lisa look after them gave me such a great sense of relief and reassurance. She is so kind like a ‘Mary Poppins, for dogs. She has taught us all about enrichment and I feel the dog’s lives are enriched by her presence. I recommend Common Scents to all pets and nervous pet parents like myself. 10/10.’

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