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The Dog Blog is updated regularly with different subjects of interest written by highly regarded dog professionals, as well as articles which feature the dogs in our care and the different experiences they have enjoyed.

‘The sniffing dog’ a blog by Jonas Thulin. If you want your dog to feel better then this is the blog to read. Jonas is a huge inspiration in our own work and you can follow his facebook page here @JonasThulin. If your dog is your best friend then you need to learn about their needs and not assume our own expectations and preconceived ideas are right. Be your dog’s best friend and learn.

The sniffing dog

Lisa recently did an interview with Birgitta and Laura from Sensory Gardens 4 dogs which you can view on the link below.

The Secret Dog Garden interview

Our latest blog, for all the dog guardians out there living with their ‘reactive’ dog, or as we prefer to call them, the life changing dogs. Be proud.

Why you should be proud of your ‘reactive’ dog

Another great blog from Smiling Leash on the benefits of freedom and choice.

Freedom and choice

We love this blog by Charlotte Garner at Canine Contentment. Lisa’s dog (and best friend) Mr O, comes under the category of reactive dog, and no, he is not aggressive, he is worried for many different reasons and we respect his anxieties. Reactive dogs are the life changing dogs that teach us so much and the bond of trust becomes even stronger.

Why you should not train your dog

An interesting blog post from Arun Dog Training about the benefits of rest days for dogs. Find out more on the link below.

Dog Rest Days … For lazy dog owners only?

This 5 minute vlog features Xena at one of her sessions some time ago and touches on our preconceived ideas of what we think dogs like doing, rather than focusing on their natural ethogram and behaviours.

The Secret Dog Garden in a Vlog

What is a home enrichment visit and how can this benefit your dog? Lisa has been running home enrichment visits for over three years now and is passionate about meeting the individual dogs needs when it comes to mental stimulation. This is a great alternative to a traditional dog walking service and you can find out more on our blog post on the link below.

Home enrichment visits – the benefits for your dog

Would you like to find out more about The Secret Dog Garden and the benefits of visiting a canine enrichment area? You can read our blog on the link below which includes a great video of a visit by a young dog who is reactive to strangers, see how his body language changes as he relaxes into his visit and enjoys his experience, a pleasure to watch.

Why visit the Secret Dog Garden? What are the benefits to your dog, and to you?

A great blog by Pet Harmony on canine enrichment and agency and how this benefits your dog.

Agency: What it is and why your pet needs it

A Canine Arthritis Management conversation with Kate Mallatratt about the benefits of canine enrichment.

What is enrichment?

Turid Rugaas is a highly respected international dog trainer. Turid shares her work on dog communication and calming signals on the post below and all dog guardians should take a look.

Calming Signals – The Art of Survival

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