Tailored dog walks

Every dog is unique and has their own personal preferences, therefore our walks are designed to meet their needs, continuing our ethos of enrichment:

  • Dog led meandering walks – where your dog takes the lead and chooses which direction, how long they stop and sniff, what/who they choose to interact with, or avoid, whilst being mindful of their choices.
  • The environment is considered for your individual dog – dogs who find interaction with others overwhelming will be walked in quieter, open areas. The more confident/adventurous dog will be provided with suitably challenging routes, and the older, or physically infirm, will have a gentler experience.
  • Taking into consideration your dog’s individual needs, walks will be planned in different locations to allow for a variety of new scents to keep those noses and brains interested and active, yet always maintaining your dog’s sense of safety and security.
  • Lisa is qualified in Canine Communication and is trained to look out for those little tell-tale signs that dog’s give to show their unease, or pleasure, and so can react accordingly to make sure your dog’s experience is a positive one.

Lisa firmly believes ‘it’s the dog’s walk, not ours’ therefore all dogs are actively encouraged to display natural behaviours allowing them time to investigate and use their amazing noses to sniff out all those interesting smells and safe objects they come across. After all, we are walking the dog for their benefit.

Lisa only walks dog’s individually, or in compatible pairs, therefore avoiding multi collection’s and drop off’s and reducing the time your dog spends travelling, plus enabling your dog to have the one-on-one attention they deserve. Dependent on you and your dog’s needs walks can be for one hour, or 30 minutes.

A free initial consultation is offered to discuss your individual dog, their personalities and behavioural characteristics, likes and dislikes, physical abilities, age and medical history, as well as the cues your dog responds to, therefore maintaining consistency. Your dog’s diet is also important so we ask clients to provide any treats to be given.

  • A 1st aid kit and emergency contact details are carried at all times.
  • Water is available at all times.
  • Poo bags are provided and any excrement is cleared up and disposed of appropriately.
  • On wet/muddy walks dogs will be dried with their own personal towel.
  • In extreme weather, high/low temperatures, torrential rain, your dog will be given the opportunity to either visit our ‘Secret Dog Garden’ or enjoy a home enrichment visit in place of a planned walk and at no extra charge.
  • For friendly ‘single dog families’ who enjoy the company of compatible playmates we can arrange an occasional walking partner with our resident Common Scents dog, after several carefully planned meetings.
  • Each dog receives their own personal ‘Dog Diary’ which is updated after each visit so you know what your best friend has been up to in your absence, as well as allowing you to add any handover notes on your dog’s well-being.

One-hour walks are £12, shorter 30-minute walks are £8, charges for multi dog households vary. Places are limited but Lisa will try to accommodate your needs where possible.

For further details please contact Lisa to discuss your individual dog, via telephone or email, details here: Contact us.

Alternatively, you can complete an initial booking form here: Tailored dog walks.

Clients comments:

‘Couldn’t recommend Lisa enough, it’s so lovely seeing how excited Albee is to go out on all his little adventures!’

‘Lisa has been fantastic with my puppy and very helpful to have her pop in when I’m at work. She offers a very reliable and well-priced service. I would highly recommend this service.’

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