Home enrichment visits

If your dog is in need of some companionship whilst you are away from home our enrichment visits give your dog a brilliant boredom buster. Your dog can enjoy an enrichment experience in the comfort of their own home with various games, puzzles, naturally scented items etc. to explore at their leisure, giving them a mental work out which is just as tiring as physical activity.

Enrichment is our passion and we are proud to have been the first dog professional in the local area to offer this service starting back in 2019. Stimulating your dog’s mind is as important as physical exercise to keep your dog fit, healthy and happy.

As with all our services, each session is planned for your individual dog, because all dogs are different. Games are varied and take into account your dog’s natural instincts, breed type, abilities and preferences.

Your dog will receive their own named enrichment bag which contains items for their own personal use such as snuffle mats, holee rollers, licky mats, activity mats, towels etc. Your dog is monitored at all times for any signs of frustration and any games will be adapted accordingly, whether it be making it easier to ensure they succeed, or more challenging for the more adventurous. After all, enrichment is only ‘enriching’ when the dog is being successful and enjoying the activity.

Your dog’s diet is important to us; therefore, we do not provide any food and request clients provide their own treats from their dog’s daily allowance.

Enrichment is not all about food! Lisa brings other items for your dog to explore such as saddles, donkey brushes, old walking boots, different textures to walk on etc. allowing your dog to investigate all in their own time and in a safe environment.

Each dog receives their own personal ‘Dog Diary’ which is updated after each visit so you know what your best friend has been up to in your absence, as well as allowing you to add any handover notes on your dog’s well-being.

Visit our facebook page for photos and videos of the tailor-made services we provide, and to learn more about enrichment and the benefits for your dog, visit our enrichment page on our website.

30-minute sessions cost £8 – your dog will be given ‘comfort breaks’ in your garden.

1-hour sessions cost £12 – loose lead sniffy walks around your local area can also be provided during these sessions.

All sessions end with settle time to ensure your dog is relaxed and happy.

For further details please contact Lisa to discuss your individual dog, via telephone or email, details here: Contact us.

Alternatively, you can complete an initial booking form here: Home enrichment visits.

Clients comments:

‘Common Scents is amazing. I struggled leaving our Chihuahuas to work all day. Having Lisa look after them gave me such a great sense of relief and reassurance. She is so kind like a “Mary Poppins” for dogs. She has taught us all about enrichment and I feel the dog’s lives are enriched by her presence. I recommend Common Scents to all pets and nervous pet parents like myself. 10/10.’

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